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Casio FZ-10m Problems with USB Gotek device


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I have been having problems trying to get this Gotek device working with a Casio FZ-10m. The drive has been upgraded to the beta version of the firmware and was working correctly in a Roland S-550 sampler.
Both JA jumper (for drive ready on pin 34) and ID0 jumper are closed. I have tried a few different config files but im currently using the automatic indexed CFG file. I have created a blank HFE file from the Casio FZ1 template within the software which is about 3.2mb.The issue itself is when I attempt to save data to the drive the sampler states "NO DISK SPACE" If I try and format It starts executing but after a minute or so displays "DISK ERROR" I have also tried a FZF img with no luck. What am I missing?Has anyone got the Gotek working with the FZ yet? does anyone have a working CFG and HFE combination they can upload.

Please help.

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