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Norma Venezolana - questions earthquake sismorresistentes

Publicado: Jue Dic 06, 2012 10:54 am
por ricardocorreia
Hello all. My name is Ricardo Correia im from Portugal and i´m a student of civil engineering. I´m making a work using "las normas venezolanas" and in need your help.

My case study is a 15 stories building ( 4 sotanos y 11 pisos ) with ND3 design level. I have 2 solutions for the "losa". The span is 14.5meters wide with no continuity.
On the left is drawn a solution with 200x80cm beams, with a slab 20cm thick.
On the rigth is shown a special slab - a double layer slab composed of 10cm of concrete plus 50cm of void plus 10cm of slab again like represented in the image below.
I have the following questions:
1-The norm 1753:1006 states on article 18.3.2 that the beams shoudn’t be more wide than the collumn. But if the beam wider than the collumn, the collumn must be at least 24 times the width of the rebar. Can i have a 200cmx80cm (width x heigth) with a collumn with 60cmx80cm?
2-Can i use the box slab ( it’s like a waffle slab with two layers) of 70cm heigth on the ND3 level design with beams with 80cm heigth making the frame?
3-Can i use the concrete cores? On every exemple i saw of projects in Venezuela the structure is only composed by frames without concrete cores (“muros”).
4-What are the limitations regarding deformations? Do you have a particular combination of actions for this case (service combination)?
I have for the CP=5.7mm, CV=0.78mm. On the article 9.6.2 says the limite is L/480. Using the factor of 2 of article i have a long time deflection of: (4.37+1.33)*2+0.78=12.18mm. Is this correct?
5-What the most common type of rebar (acero) s40,s60 w60 or w70?

U can reply in spanish if you want. I understand spanish very well but i can´t write it.